Wooden Watches or a Rolex... Which gets more compliments?

We have met countless customers who collect watches either through our online website, at our booths at local farmers markets, or various other live events. I'm taking about the people that have Rolexes, Cartiers, Zeniths, Omegas, Breitlings, and other various crazy expensive watches that most people would love to have. 

Every single one those watch collectors that have reached out to us after they purchased their new Woodie Specs wooden watch have been ecstatic and amazed with how many more compliments they get with their wooden watch than they do with their other watches. Not to mention they didn't spend tens of thousands of dollars on their new wooden watches! 

What do you think? At a retail price of just $109 does a Woodie Specs wooden watch stand out more than Rolexes, Cartiers, Zeniths, Omegas, or Breitlings? We think so!


-Woodie Specs Team


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